Claudia Sinigaglia, Untitled (collective behaviours), 2017.



solo Exhibition by Claudia Sinigaglia

 from 3rd of August to 3rd of October at numer02, London

Numer02 is pleased to announce Constellations, Claudia Sinigaglia’s first solo exhibition with the gallery.

For her first solo exhibition at numer02, Sinigaglia presents a wall of new works that continues her exploration of different regimes of images production. Sinigaglia meditates on the individual and collective behaviour in relation to spaces,  architecture in a contemporary scenario.

The immaterial effects of our interaction  between spaces and bodies in a vertiginous flow of images refers to the exhibition’s title Constellations, where bodies appear to be part of a single system but in reality they can be situated million light years one from each others.

Sinigaglia’s photographs confronts the viewer within the choreography of our every day and the ambiguity of our vision, tall buildings looking like sky and windows as if they were stars, humans appearing to hardly place themself  in places, management systems doomed to be dysfunctional and habits appearing meaningless, dystopia of vision or longing for physicality?

“Untitled” is a documentation of collective situations, different frames of times and circumstances in which humans are placed in a state of remoteness, despite living the environment, this work is part of a research on the ambiguity of vision.

On view Mondays 6-8pm by appointment


During the Art Licks Weekend opening times Thursday 28 September, 6-9pm / Friday 29 September to Sunday 1 October, 12-6pm.


Art Licks Weekend event Claudia Sinigaglia in conversation

Saturday 30 September 5 to 6 pm