Timothy Gasbarro/Duality 

IMG-20170903-WA0001 copy

Duality 2017, photographic paper with frame 38 x 32 cm.

29 October/ 07 January 2017 numer02 gallery

numer02 gallery is pleased to announce Duality, an exhibition by Timothy Gasbarro.

For this first solo exhibition at numer02, Gasbarro presents a body of work which explores duality.

The exhibition brings together photography, everyday objects and gestures of the Berlin based artist.

Archives are events in space when displayed, and when not, forgotten gestures doomed to be connected with the stream of indifference, texture of the routinely every day life, but also an open field for investigation or perhaps for an involuntary spasm of attention.

numer02 as a space of dialogue, confronts intimacy, explores views, sometimes in contrast to clarity when duality aims at it. It is an instance of opposition between two concepts as the artist statement affirms.

The collection of objects, the display of it, the reverential position of Gasbarro, outlines a relationship between and within the space as locus of research. It a journey towards the dual, a long journey with and without the other.


Jean Naej