Katya Kan/Senseless



25 January/ 10 February 2018 numer02 gallery


numer02 gallery is pleased to announce senseless, an exhibition by Katya Kan.

For her first solo exhibition at numer02, Kan presents a series of drawings and new works, which will transport the viewer in an idiosyncratic spatial exploration.

Senseless the exhibition’s title plays within an overlooked gaze on the body.

The political sensitivity of the artist seems intertwined with her biography, the phantasy, the transformative attitude of a dreamer, dislocating the norms, creates the unusual.

“I was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, my father being North Korean and my mother being Russian. Having caught a glimpse of the ex-USSR, I have a nostalgic, conflicting perception of political and cultural systems. Unable to fully assimilate into any one culture, I find myself as an outsider with an eclectic artistic taste. Art represents the act of seeking, assembling and immortalising beauty. Through my artistic practice, I recreate the state of inspiration and emancipation, experienced during my childhood. My works strive to capture the ephemeral impressions. The concepts, which I explore in my work, include the globalisation, surveillance, nostalgia, utopia and eroticism. Recently, I was involved in initiatives with the Royal Watercolour Society, Art Below, Art Warz in London, Red Dot Miami and Los Angeles. This year, I will have shows at the NYC Untitled Space and the New York Art Expo”.


numer02 gallery 126 Blurton road E50NH