“In the memory many elements work together to recall the lost time, some of them very specific and related to details or more general aspects work as reference to the places where some facts happened.

This relationship between memory and the architectonic space and my personal research in visual experimentation lead me to the reflections which inspired this work” Juan Pablo Delgado Berman.

numer02 gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Juan Pablo Delgado Berman. The exhibition will be hosted on our Instagram page  from 13/25 of April.

Born in Merida Yucatan Mexico, Juan Pablo Delgado Bermanis a photographer, artist and Journalist, Delgado’s practice focuses on the activation spaces, reconstruction and reimagining lanscapes, his work references memories, places and signs and fragments of what is lost.

His photography investigates details and general aspects of the present. There is an exploration of Architecture as a bridge between the physical space, what it is lost and what constitute collective rememberings.

“Since its inception photography has been the great tool of memory conservation, the main mechanism of reconstruction of the past visuality.

Just as in the act of remembering the ‘rememorant’ recon- structs a temporality also recovers a spatiality from traits taken as accurate and thousands of details taken as possible, which generates a quasi-infinite number of similar spaces.

From these ideas, multiple exposure offers
a method for visualizing this overlapping of spatial meanings under the same architectural signifier”. Juan Pablo Delgado Berman

He has exibited Internationally, including “Here and Now”, Cultural Center KC Grad, Belgrade, Serbia. September 2014, “Imaginary Memories”, Blok Galerija, Belgrade, Serbia.“El día de los muertos”, Ulična Galerija, by MikroArt, Belgrade, Serbia,  “Contemporary Landscaping”, New Belgrade Cultural Network, Belgrade, Serbia.  “Reflexiones” individual exhibition presented in Dicho Lugar, independent cultural and artistic center in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.“Reflexiones” individual exhibition presented in Campeche’s Cultural Ministry.“Zapping”, individual exhibition in Campeche’s Visual Arts Festival 2010,in City Museum in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche. “Mexiko”, in the Austrian Institute for Latin America, Vienna, Austria.

Berman holds a Bachelor in Communication Arts, a Course for writing screenplays for film and a Diploma in Visual Arts Course.